Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Melea is a high quality, outsourcing services provider company.

  • Melea is based in the heart of Delhi and operates from its modern A grade offices.

  • Melea's philosophy is simple. We employ high quality people who know what they are doing. Together, this team provides a large number of outsourcing services, efficiently, effectively and at affordable prices.

  • Melea has invested a lot of resources in establishing its main office in the heart of Delhi. Melea's modern offices are within a DLF building which is conveniently located close to a Delhi Metro Station.

  • We work form 9.00am IST to 7.00pm IST.

  • This really depends on the specific job and the parties that we are required to deal with to progress the job.

  • Melea can be contacted using any of the details set out on our Contact Us page of this website.

  • Melea has different charging system for different jobs which include a fixed fee and hourly fee. Our hourly fees range from US$6.00 to US$20.00 depending on the nature and complexity of the job and the skills required.

  • We accept payment via electronic fund transfer, bank cheque/demand draft or in case of large corporations, personal cheque.

  • Melea is established by a lawyer. We understand the importance of maintaining data/confidentiality and provide 100% guarantee of data security and confidentiality.

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