About Us

Melea is an outsourcing company that delivers on its promise and does it with efficiency. We offer a wide range of services including IT, Medical, Legal & Administration, allowing us to cater to diverse range of clients’ needs. Our primary focus is on providing our clients the customized business solutions which optimize your business productivity and reduce cost.

Melea is also dedicated to providing an extensive collection of exquisite handcrafted and machine-made pooja products under the brand name CAUSHA & EXO that cater to the spiritual needs of our discerning clientele. Our comprehensive product range includes Incense Sticks, Sambrani Cups, Dhoop Sticks, Dhoop Cones, Long & Round Cotton Wicks and other fragrant puja items that you need to create a serene and sacred pooja space.

Our work environment is characterized by a dynamic and collaborative culture, where every team member actively contributes to the growth and success of business. Our drive for success is matched by the pride we take in providing the world class services and offering premium products quality to our customers.


Our Approach

As a trusted outsourcing partner, Melea has long-term relationships with companies, businesses and individuals.

We offer our knowledge, expertise and rich experience together with our 'can do' approach to deliver innovative, individual solutions to our clients. We are committed to empower our clients and to assist them achieve their business objectives efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

We keep ourselves up to date onthe latest trends within our industry ensuring up to date solutions to our clients. Our team members keep themselves educated and well informed with the ever changing dynamics in their areas of expertise.

Our Values

Our values reflect the fundamentals of our beliefs and define the way we work. The things that set us apart are our approach to what we do and how we do our work. We are flexible and provide tailored, personalised services to each of our client as if they are our only client. We take ownership and full responsibility of our client's work with a view to provide best possible customised services.

Each member of our team closely aligns their ambitions around those of our clients. Together, our team collectively measures its success in terms of our clients' success.


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