Responsive Websites

Mobile phones have become incredibly advanced in a very short span of time, leading the way for convergence of technologies and devices. Not only the technology, features but the uses of a mobile phone too have evolved. Today's smart phones are less of mobile phones but more of hand held computers. Tablets and iPads are also becoming popular. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website or a responsive website has become an integral part of effective online presence.

Most, if not all the users visiting a particular website are likely to be using a mobile device. The reason why one needs to opt for a mobile device friendly website is that it is difficult to view a website on a mobile device if the website is built for a computer only.

Mobile phones have and will continue to grow their use because of their multi functional use and the ease of use. Our dependency on them will only increase. Most of the social media connections and the easy access will keep us hooked to the mobile friendly environment. The website must adjust seamlessly to the size of the device it is being viewed on for it to be mobile device friendly. For that such website should be responsive.

A responsive websites should include:

  • The mobile version should be easy and not have complexities involved.
  • Website should be effectively designed so that visitors of the website can complete simple tasks easily.
  • The mobile version should load without making the customer wait too long else there is a fair chance the customer's attention would be lost.

Responsive websites are more visible simply for the reason that such websites are only a click away from a potential customer regardless of them using a computer, mobile phone or other device.   

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