Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Optimization or Conversion Rate Optimization is a method to increase conversion of the visitors of a website into customers. Conversion Rate Optimization is a structured and systematic approach to improve the performance of the website based on insights received from consumer behaviour analysis and their feedback. It can also be termed as a method of review and revise.

A conversion can also be an email sign up, the creation of an account, the completion of a survey, an application download. The data collected from the behaviour of the visitors to a website is the key to ensuring that such website is increasingly successful. The data can be collected from Google Analytics, Customer Surveys and usability tests.

When the data is evaluated, the relevant factors that matter include:

  • Patterns: Look out for any patterns that the customer behaviour may point towards. The customers may like a specific service or offer very much in comparison to the others.
  • Hurdles: One must pay careful attention while reviewing any hurdles or technical challenges that a user may face while browsing through the website.
  • Survey Results: the specific feedback given by customers can be a great way to revise the marketing plan and represent to increase the customer base.
  • Bounce Rate: high percentage of the people who leave after viewing a single page, (bounce rate) is not a good sign. It is indicative of the fact that people are not finding what they’ve been looking for so they leave almost immediately.
  • Average time spent on the website: This would give an idea about the time spent by a visitor on the site. Once this data is available it would be easier to understand the pattern for visitor engagement.

The conversion Rate Optimization gives a better understanding of the website’s feel among the users and visitors of the website. 

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