Back Links

Back links are external links that are available on a website. These are generally described as “links” coming into a website. Search Engines treat backlinks as a tool for popularity and relevance of a particular website. The more the number of links, the higher the ranking for searches. In today’s SEO, high quality and relevant backlinks also weigh.

A good way to build quality backlinks is by writing a guest post on reputable websites that are relevant to one’s domain. From the SEO perspective, link building is essential as it drives about a websites’ popularity. The way it works is when the search engine results find a site with lots of other sites pointing to it, the search engine concludes that the site provides quality information and deserves to show at a higher rank for the ease of the searchers. Search Engines interpret an incoming link to a website more or less as a recommendation for it. So more the number of links, obviously mean a popular website in the domain it excels or deals in.

With reference to back links, it is important that:

  • Back links are relevant to the website and must publish quality content.
  • Back links are genuine.

Gone are the days when any kind of lower quality back links could help improve a website’s ranking. It is important to build quality links from other websites that are relevant to the target website. The simplest way of achieving this would include writing simple, original and relevant articles, commenting on forums and participate in online discussions. 

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